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The Crew:

Formed by a bunch of mates with a mutual love of singing and drinking, Melbourne sea shanty group, Shantily Clad sing songs that'll put the wind in your sails.


The gang of reprobates and ne'er-do-wells' modern take on traditional sea shanties, work and maritime songs will get even the most lily-livered-landlubber singing along.

Based in Melbourne Australia, Shantily Clad's first performance was an impromptu sea shanty singalong on a cold winters night after a fine meal and too many drinks at The Albion Hotel in Albury New South Wales.

In 2018 Shantily Clad performed at the Folkscray Festival. 2019 includes appearances at Knox Festival, Newport Folk Festival and at Australia's first ever sea shanty festival, the Albany International Folk n' Sea Shanty Festival.

What's a Sea Shanty?

Sea shanties were originally sung as work songs on board ships. They were used to coordinate the efforts of teams of workers. Different shanties were used for different tasks on the ship; hauling ropes, pumping out water, heaving cargo, turning the capstan.
It is said that a good shanty man is worth 10 men on a rope. 

Shanties are call and response songs. The shanty man would cry out a rousing call and the sailors would respond, using the beat of the music to coordinate their strength. 

These songs were meant to be sung when times were hard and work was tough. Haven't we all felt like that sometimes?

Shantily Clad are advocates for the mental health and community building benefits of group singing and are passionate about passing on the shanty tradition to younger generations.

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